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Thank you for your interest in our collars and leashes! 

As dog owners and dog coaches, we are always dealing with different equipment for our furry friends. Since we ourselves mostly lived and live with mixed breeds from animal welfare, we have also had the experience that some of our favorites always fall through the cracks in their required sizes because they are either too big or too small, too thick, too thin or too wide . That's how I started trying things out and making equipment for our own dogs. It didn't take long before we were already asked about our unusual and well-fitting collars. This gave me the idea of making my hobby accessible to others and offering our leashes and collars.


Our materials

We only use high-quality materials for our products because high resilience and very good quality are important to us. We make no exceptions when it comes to our quick-release fasteners and adapters and only use materials that have convinced us after years of owning dogs. For us, equipment has to fit well, be easy to clean, be durable and resilient and, on top of that, it has to look pretty too!


Paracord is a nylon cord that consists of a fiber core and a nylon sheath. This cord originally came from the USA, where it was used by the paratroopers during the Second World War. Due to their high resilience, they were quickly used for all sorts of things. Today they are available in different thicknesses, qualities, colors and patterns. Paracord can be found in outdoor activities, climbing, dog and equestrian sports, but these strong cords are also always helpful in the garden and in everyday life.

The different strengths of the paracord are given in types. The best known and most commonly used cord is Type III 550. The number stands for the pounds the rope has in terms of breaking strength. So a Type III 550 paracord has a breaking strength of 550 pounds or 249kg. Paracord types I and II, nano or microcord are also often used. 

Depending on what we want to do with the cord, we choose the different thicknesses. The mix of different types of dog collars results in very beautiful, individual patterns with high resilience. 


Paracord retains its color, is durable and easy to care for. Nevertheless, the material is not considered colorfast, which is why a lot of swimming by the dog or frequent washing of the collar can cause the colors to fade. We generally recommend hand washing the products with mild detergents. 


Individual production

In our online shop you will find leashes and collars that can be purchased directly. We would also be happy to make your individual equipment in the size you need. Don't hesitate to contact us and have your personal collar and leash made for you.

Custom-made items cannot be exchanged!


If something breaks

Our leashes and collars are made by hand with a lot of love and care. We have tested the different bands extensively on our own four dogs and are absolutely convinced of them. As already mentioned, the load capacity is very high, but it can always happen that a cord opens on the weld seam or breaks due to excessive stress. As a result, we do not give any guarantee on the handmade collars and leashes. For example, you can often repair loose spots or pulled threads. So don't be afraid to contact us and let us know your concerns!  

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